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Mississauga Diving is one of Canada's most trusted diving companies as it has been offering quality SCUBA instruction, sales and service for over 40 years.  With a legion of trained instructors and quality brand names available there is no greater place for any new diver looking to get certified or an experianced diver looking to expand his discipline

Lake Ontario Dive Charters are back! Scuba Dive close to home in the GTA . Meet new dive friends and socialize with other scuba divers. The Orkney Isle dives the ship wrecks in clean, cool and clear fresh water with up to 150 foot visibility.

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Oakville Divers has discovered new dive sites and ship wrecks within the Oakville area of Lake Ontario, but our preferred ship wreck is the Jesse Anne, a 100ft x 30ft barge resting upright at a depth of 60ft to the deck, 70ft to the clay, rock bottom.