Tec 45

You've come this far as a diver, take your training as a Tec diver further and deeper with the Tec 45 course!

What is involved

During this course you will learn the diving skills and planning need to dive to a maximum of 45 metres/145 feet, along with how to use the technical equipment confidently.

You will also gain the knowledge required to plan and execute single repetitive decompressions dives using a single stage cylinder of EANx or oxygen to accelerate or add conservatism to the decompression stops.

You will prepare for and response to foreseeable technical diving emergencies.

Master the basic skills and procedures you’ll need as you move into deeper technical diving


  Be a Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver and Enriched Air Diver

  Be a Tec 40 Diver (or qualifying equivalent) 

•  Minimum 50 logged dives, of which 12+ dives were made with enriched air nitrox deeper than 18 metres/60 feet and 6 dives with or without EANx deeper than 30 metres/100 feet.

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